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Quotes & Testimonials

Although I have been working on my family history since 1972, I learned that I have really only been skimming through the records and I have the "Cliff Notes" version. I plan to start over with myself as described today to verify resources and otherwise make sure I have a correct and truthful genealogy. This Retreat was wonderful! I could have gone on for at least 3 more days! I learned there are so many resources I have been completely unaware of! The city tour was very informative. I loved finding out from you the order we should do our research in. Who knew research could be efficient! Thank you so very much--

    ...Peggy Harper
This has been an amazing experience. It has turned my research ideas upside down. Looking for families makes so much more sense than looking for individuals. Realizing that I need to find all the evidence available to be positive that I have the right person. Plus I have learned so many new sources and websites. I can't wait to get started again. Thank you soooo much!

    ...J. Hall
First and foremost, thank you for a wonderful exposure to the many facets of genealogy. I really felt emersed in the many activities that took place. I'm hoping to be able to attend another conference "down the road."

    ...R. Kennerly
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