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Family History Expo Early Bird to Expire April 30th

Today and tomorrow, April 30th, are the final days to register and receive the early bird savings for our Family History Expo in Sacramento June 28-29, 2013. If you have already registered be sure to tell a friend so they can take advantage of the savings too. has partnered with us to prepare each registered attendee a FREE wallchart printed with their personal genealogy. The chart must pre-order before the event to be delivered at the Expo. More details will be emailed to registered attendees. We have an excellent lineup of presenters, James L Tanner will be our keynote, James is internationally known for his blog Genealogy’s Star . You can check out the details for all of our presenters on our website. We will have exhibits once again this year and … Read entire article »

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Ask-the-pros – Question and Answer: Finding Obituaries

Question: How do I find an obituary of a person who died in 1945 in the Ft. Bayard VA Hospital, Grant county, New Mexico? Answer: Finding an obituary can be a frustrating experience. It would be simple if all of the obituaries were collected in one place and available online, but that is far from the current situation. Putting obituaries online is a relatively recent activity and very few online collections go back further than the 1970s. However, the newspapers containing the obituaries are being digitized and becoming available online in huge collections. Unfortunately, many of the larger collections of online newspapers are available only on subscription websites. The first step in this process is to see what newspapers were published in the area at the time of the ancestor’s death. This can be … Read entire article »

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Advertise with Family History Expos Classified Ads

Searching for a long lost ancestor? Trying to connect with family members who are still presumed living? Have a genealogical service or product to buy or sell? Did you know that you can advertise your genealogically related service or product with a Family History Expos Classified Ad? Family History Expos can assist you by placing your ad in our classifieds. Ads will also be distributed to each attendee at our upcoming Family History Expos in the Expos schedule, and posted on the Family History Expos website for the whole world to see. Ads will run for three months from the date they are posted. Have your ad read by all attendees at our Family History Expo and others around the world! Just imagine, the most dedicated researchers in the geographic area of your … Read entire article »

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Setting Goals to Focus Your Research

Introduction Setting realistic research goals or objectives for a trip to a repository such as the FamilySearch Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, involves more than just looking at your data file and picking a person to research. The preparation involves an assessment of the types of information you need and matching those needs with the records that may be available at the Family History Library. For example, it is disappointing and inefficient to choose to investigate military records only to find out that the records you need are in the National Archives and not in the Family History Library. First Step: Examine your data to see what is needed It is tempting to choose to investigate ancestors based on “holes” or missing ancestors in a pedigree chart or fan chart … Read entire article »

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U.S. Civil War CDs added to Family History Expos Catalog

U.S. Civil War CDs added to Family History Expos Catalog

Did you know that the Family History Expos Catalog is expanding to include an extensive collection of U.S. Civil War source reference CDs? These and many other items are located under the Shop tab from the Family History Expos startup page. Take a moment to browse through the catalog. You might be surprised at what you will find. The recent additions for sale in the catalog under Books & Charts, include the following: This is a complete … Read entire article »

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