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If Your Serious About Your Ancestry… Real Genealogy Expertise is Needed

If Your Serious About Your Ancestry… Real Genealogy Expertise is Needed

By Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D. Become a genealogy expert and pass this expertise on to your ancestors… Creation and publication of a family tree, a genealogy, a family history is an achievement in truth–at least it should be.  Yet, in print and across the internet are some of the most appalling examples of what we call genealogy: People who live 200 years.  Children born in places that don’t exist.  Women giving birth at Biblical ages.  Documents cited … Read entire article »

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Family History Expo June 27-28, 2014

This year our June Family History Expo is being held in Casper, Wyoming. Come join us where you will learn from experts like Ruby Coleman, President of the Nebraska Genealogical Society; Ruth Ellen Maness, AG, former Senior Research Consultant at the Family History library in Salt Lake City, Utah;  Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D., President and founder of The Genealogical Institute; and more. Our Exhibitors include: By Land or By Sea; Celebrating Family History; Fort Casper Chapter, NSDAR; Genealogy Presentations; GenSearch and more; Natrona County Genealogical Society, The Genealogical Institute; and Family History Expos will have a booth as well. Classes offered will cover getting organized, Scandinavian, German, using FlipPal, analysis tools, online trees, migration patterns, FamilySearch, immigration, passenger lists, Pennsylvania, Swedish and Danish, US Census, scanning and more. Registered attendees, bring your personal research … Read entire article »

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