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Ask-the-Pros – Question and Answer – Correctly Identifying Place Names

Question: How can I tell if a location mentioned in family papers is a town or a county? Answer: Be careful and pay attention to details when considering the name of a location. Place names can create a load of problems for researchers. When you are working with locality be as precise as possible. If someone left information without the details needed you will want to check it out thoroughly before you make a definite decision. Using logic you can at time guess the correct location. For Example: Morgan, Utah is in Morgan County, Utah. But this is not always the case. For Example: Morgan, Georgia is in Calhoun County, Georgia. Not to be confused with Morgan County, Georgia. And they are located in totally different areas of the state. Make a note and remember … Read entire article »

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Family History Research Trips for the Determined Genealogist

Family History Research Trips for the Determined Genealogist

Working on hard research often requires research trips to the local area where the family resided. We are often tempted to plan a family vacation to the area where we want to do research in the local records that are not microfilmed or available online. Family History vacations are wonderful if you are looking at the scenery, visiting a cemetery or two and taking pictures. But if you are a determined genealogist working on a … Read entire article »

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