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October Family History Research Retreat

October Family History Research Retreat

Each October we hold one of our best Family History Library Research Retreats in the heart of Utah! This year is no exception and we invite you to come join with us at the world renowned Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, Utah. You will learn how to use the FHL,, MyHeritage, and along with proven research techniques that give you the best possible chance for research success. Enjoy the personal assistance … Read entire article »

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Celebrating and Capturing the Memories Interview Books and CD

Celebrating and Capturing the Memories Interview Books and CD

Are you looking for a place to start with writing your personal history? Would you like to interview someone else to preserve their memories? Use one of our exceptional workbooks to help you capture the memories you want to preserve. Each workbook contains a guide with questions to assist you in writing an expanded history. The books are divided into sections about the person being interviewed, their parents, siblings, places they lived, school days, teenage … Read entire article »

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Getting Answers to Research Questions: Ask-the-Pros

Hey, do you have research questions? We answer your research questions in our free monthly Newsletter and on our blog as time and space allow. Take advantage of this service to our subscribers and submit your questions. Simply go to the Family History Expos website, log in and then click on the link that says Ask-the-Pros Q & A. You will see your name in the top box and in the box below you enter your question. Please type your question with as much detail as possible. Click on the submit button. You will receive a notice that your question was submitted successfully. Thank you! While we are not able to answer every query we receive those we do answer will appear in an upcoming issue of our newsletter, here on the blog, or at … Read entire article »

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