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Attention Mesa and St. George Family History Expo Attendees

Family History Expos is supporting the RootsTech conference February 6-8, 2014. We are not holding our annual Expos in Mesa or St. George this coming year. We look forward to seeing you at RootsTech and some of our other events in 2014. This was not an easy decision for us to make. But we are excited to see the St. George and Mesa local Family History Centers creating amazing events to serve the research needs in their areas. We know it is time to serve new areas where there is a need for more educational opportunities and family history events. We are setting up on the 2014 Expo Schedule now and will be posting more events over the next few weeks. Watch for additional Retreats and Expos in 2014 as we finalize … Read entire article »

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Are You Attending RootsTech in Person or Virtually?

Are You Attending RootsTech in Person or Virtually?

This evening official RootsTech bloggers will descend on Salt Lake City, we are all excited to learn and share all that we can with you. If you are attending RootsTech it is a sure bet you will not be able to attend every class on your wish list. But you can depend on others attending classes to be blogging, tweeting, and talking about their experiences via social media too. For those of you who are not … Read entire article »

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RootsTech on the Horizon

As an Official Blogger for RootsTech, I get to share news with you before it’s made public. Here’s some news about the Thursday morning (Mar. 21) keynote speakers. I’ve actually had the chance to meet all three and look forward to hearing from them at the event. DENNIS C. BRIMHALL Dennis Brimhall is currently the President and CEO of FamilySearch International.  FamilySearch International is a worldwide organization helping individuals find, preserve, catalogue, and search genealogical information. I first met Dennis Brimhall at RootsTech but have had opportunity to communicate with him on various projects. SYD LIEBERMAN Syd is a nationally acclaimed storyteller, an author, and an award-winning teacher. Many of his best-loved stories deal with growing up in Chicago and raising a family in Evanston, Illinois. Syd is also known for his original historical … Read entire article »

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Indexing Serendipity

Indexing Serendipity

You know all those stories you hear about the book dropping off the bookshelf and landing on someone’s foot and falls open to the very page the lists the long lost ancestor they had been searching for? Well, that is called serendipity. RootsTech has been full of serendipity again this year. Here is just one example: Kris Lloyd, from FamilySearch indexing, a member of the set up team, was assisting a woman to learn how indexing works. They … Read entire article »

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History is waiting. Sign up today! Join the 1940 U.S. Census Community Project. You can assist with the transcribing and indexing of this great census before World War II. This census year gives information on the family in 1940 and asks where they were living in 1935. To learn about how you can get started, visit: My parents will be listed in this census, will yours? Are you listed, are your grandparents? Who will you discover? On April 2, 2012 NARA will provide access to the images of the 1940 U.S. Federal Census and for the first time it will be made available as free digital images. Let’s all join in with, FamilySearch,, and other leading genealogy organizations to provide quick access to these digital images. RootsTech is unfolding great information on this project. … Read entire article »

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RootsTech to Broadcast 14 Free Sessions

Just in from the RootsTech team, here is some good news for those of you not able to attend the event this week in Salt Lake. SALT LAKE CITY—RootsTech, a leading family history and technology conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2-4, 2012, announced today that fourteen of its popular sessions will be broadcasted live and complimentary over the Internet. The live broadcasts will give those unable to attend worldwide a sample of this year’s conference content. Interested viewers can watch the live presentations at The second-year conference has attracted over 3,000 registered attendees. The free online sessions include the keynote speakers and a sampling of technology and family history presentations. Following are the fourteen broadcasted sessions and speakers. All times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST): Thursday, February 2 8:30-10:00 am, Inventing … Read entire article »

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RootsTech February 2-4, 2012

It is a pleasure to attend the RootsTech 2012 Conference and I invite each of you to come check out the great ideas that will be shared there. I’m excited to meet with you, industry leaders, and to make new friends. This is the forum to open dialog on new ideas; share experiences;  and open doors to implementing them on a general basis. I’m looking forward to attending classes, learning about new products and services that will be available to the genealogical community in the near future. All you curious, ambitious genealogists, programmers, and innovators come on down to Salt Lake and get inspired. This is the place where we get to “Invent the future, as a community,” Jay Verkler will kick off the event sharing with us details on how … Read entire article »

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Family History Expos a RootsTech Sponsor

Family History Expos a RootsTech Sponsor

As a RootsTech Official Blogger I am excited to announce that Family History Expos is one of the sponsors for this unprecedented event. Come join us for three full days of technologists, genealogists, and family historians discovering exciting new techy research tools and the latest development techniques from industry leaders and pioneers. The RootsTech conference should prove to be a totally different experience than what you get at our Expos. We don’t want to miss a thing! Keynote … Read entire article »

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