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Elements of Research, #2


Part 2. After you view this video you will be more acquainted with Find A Grave, birth registers, how to locate a town on oline maps, and if you are really doing research. Since James' first attempts at historical research, in high school, over fifty years ago, he has been actively involved in research in some form or another. He has learned that simply doing research does not necessarily give someone the insight to analyze and understand the process. After reading and studying methodology and processes involved in discovering family relationships and of course, his years of active participation as a trial attorney have also influenced his understanding of analysis. This class will lend you support and understanding based on his years of experience.

This presentation was recorded live for the "In-depth Census" Expo. The individual Research Guide for this class is included with this video. It is available to download as a PDF immediately upon purchase. If you would like a printed copy of the book, "In-depth Census Research Guide," please click here.


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