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Pedigree Ladies


After you view this class you will know how to trace pedigree ladies with more accuracy and success. Tracing Pedigree Ladies successfully in the 21st century requires an examination of their every day lives: ladies’ work, ladies’ skills, ladies’ duties, ladies’ contacts, ladies’ responsibilities when they become ancestors. Most historical treatments in the past overlooked or ignored the role women played, except peripherally, developing certain stereotypes about women--especially the idea that they did not work outside the home. Even the census takers messed up--recording almost all ladies as housekeepers, which they were; yet, ignoring what else they did during their lives.

A woman approached me at the conclusion of a recent conference to exclaim, "You are so right! I gave my autobiography to my grandchildren for Christmas-and I never said one word about the jobs I held. The work I did. Or even my special services classification with the U.S. Government."

Since surviving historical sources included the ladies on your pedigree, you can still go back and identify them: in the family, in the workplace, in social reform, and in the military.

This presentation was recorded live during our weekly "Ask-the-Pros" class. The individual Research Guide for this class is included with this video. It is available to download as a PDF immediately upon purchase.


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