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Learn to Use Court Records


The court system in that part of America that became the United States began in the colonial period. Although there are some residual laws in the United States that reflect the presence of Spain and France in America, the state and local court system throughout the country was almost entirely based on the English court system. Each of the states has developed its own court system with its own rules of procedure, and each state has its own set of laws as administered by its courts.

This Research Guide will give you an overview and timeline of the Federal court system and how it works, state and local courts, probate courts, and naturalization procedures.

Success in identifying your ancestors come when proven paths are followed. Let our Experts lead you to the answers fro your research questions.

Authors for this publication include Holly T. Hansen, James L. Tanner, and Arlene H. Eakle.

Associated in-depth instructional video presentations are also available as a companion to this Research Guide, click here for details.


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