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Vital Records: A Research Guide


As we go back in time, there is a point when vital records for ordinary people were neither required or kept. Thus, a greater depth of knowledge is required to retrieve the desired information from the records.

This book contains an overview of vital records, a step-by-step guide to marriage records in their various forms, a review of laws that govern legality of marriage, registrations regarding birth records and delayed registrations, and diverse strategies for locating hard-to-find evidence in the records. You will enjoy this approach to the resources as we take you from common and easily found records to unusual and more difficult-to-find resources that yield vital information for your family history research.

Authors of this Research Guide include Holly T. Hansen, Arlene H. Eakle, and James L. Tanner.

In-depth instructional video presentations are available as a companion to this Research Guide. Click here for details.


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