Susan Easton Black and George Durrant will team up to bring you this amazing presentation to assist you with your own history. Writing personal history is your time to talk about you. Thinking back upon your life is your way to go home again.nn A personal history is not a time to brag about accomplishments, although they may be included. It is a time to tell of heartbreaks, joys, victories, and defeats. It is a time to express faith in the Lord and gratitude to him. It is not a time to confess specific sins, but a time to tell of your comeback from occasions when you were down. When viewed in its entirety, writing personal history may seem an ominous task, but in doing one story or one experience at a time, it is manageable.nnPersonal histories don’t have to be long. Long books are often not read. You may say that “nothing exciting ever happened to me. I’ve never been very important. Who cares if I write my personal history?” Our answer is my family will care, and so will yours. To them you are a very important person. Teach your descendants through your history.