Philipp M.   Mayer

A retired engineer with thirty-five years of design, management, and consultant experience. He is the author of Genealogy Presentations, 4 Decades of Pueblo’s German Club, and Presentation is Everything. After twenty-five years of family research, he developed a unique process to organize, manage, and present family information.


September 06, 2013
2:30 pm : How to use the Flip-Pal® Scanner to Document You Family in 5 Easy Steps

(All Levels) Scanning isn’t the complex process that we’ve come to know. A company called Couragent® has simplified the way we scan objects by developing Flip-Pal®, the ideal scanner to preserve memories, inspired ideas, precious photographs, or merely capture the eloquence of quilts and embroidered works of art at a moment’s notice.nOne cannot emphasis the importance of digitizing your family documents. This class will explain the various features of Flip-Pal® and demonstrate how the scanner works. This class will provide you the confidence you need to digitally document your entire family.n Login First

September 07, 2013
10:00 am : How to Organize and Manage Family Information - 4 Essential Elements

(All Levels) How to Organize and Manage Family Information is one of those classes where you will learn something new nnand walk away with ammunition that will change the way you do business. Login First

1:30 pm : Present Your Family - Fundamentals Necessary to Create Dynamic Genealogical Presentations to Share with Your Family

(All Levels) This class focuses on showing you how to use Microsoft nnPowerPoint to create professional, dynamic presentations that will amaze your family and friends. This class is a must if you want to learn how to create dynamic, professional looking nnpresentations in a coffee table book format. Login First