Greg   Liverman, Ph.D.

Greg Liverman, Ph.D., returned to charting his family history in 2009, bringing to bear analytical and problem solving skills built over forty years working variously as a journalist, scientist and manager. He has experience in tracing ancestors in several states and using various techniques to successfully break down 'brick walls'.


August 02, 2013
7:20 pm : Breaking Down Brick Walls with Scientific Methods

(All Levels) The scientific method has been used for over a thousand years to advance human knowledge in an orderly way. It is regularly applied to all branches of learning, not just those we think of as “science”. This simple method can easily be applied to family history research to break through brick walls using logic and critical thinking. These techniques are particularly important where direct evidence is not available.nnThis seminar introduces the method, describes how evidence can be evaluated critically and provides real examples to illustrate how the method can be applied to discover unknown relatives or evaluate whether other families are related to yours. Login First

August 03, 2013
2:50 pm : Getting to Know Uncle Moses: Building a Profile of an Interesting Relative

(All Levels) Wouldn’t you like to really get to know one of your ancestral relatives? We all have someone in the family tree who was a bit more “colorful” than the others. Wouldn’t it be a nice break from the daily grind of recording birth, marriage, death, and census info to spend some quality time getting to know someone in your family tree a little better? Well it may be easier than you thought. In this session we will explore some clues that your relative might have an interesting live story; the kinds of information that enable you to build and tell a good story about that interesting unusual or favorite relative; and where to find the information. Login First