Holly T.   Hansen

President and Founder of Family History Expos, Inc.: A lifelong resident of Croydon, Utah, Holly is a family history educator with more than 20 years experience. Although she sponsors elaborate events, she also enjoys helping people one-on-one as they learn how to make technology work for them. Author, lecturer, editor, and publisher, Holly devotes time every day to education.


June 28, 2013
6:00 pm : Celebrating Family History

(All Levels) Are you interested in turning your family history passion into a career? Come “Celebrate Family History” with Holly as she relates the great joy experienced in giving and sharing family history with friends and family. Holly has made a career in the Family History Industry and celebrates 10 years of success in 2013. She is now opening her doors of opportunity to you with ideas and products you can share with your family and friends. Login First

June 29, 2013
10:00 am : Fun Family History Activities that Reinforce Family Values

(All Levels) Sharing memories, baking and preparing meals, games and more build family relationships and value for family to future generations. Come learn about some fun ways you can gather, share, and celebrate your family history with others. Login First

2:50 pm : Celebrating My Family Tree and Me Genealogy Software, Part 2

(All Levels) Organizing your genealogy with a computer is a breeze with the new and easy Celebrating My Family Tree and Me Genealogy Software. Come ask questions and enjoy a basic demo of the software. Bring your laptop with your software already loaded and practice the techniques as we teach you how to use this great tool. Login First

4:00 pm : Happy Birthday Family History Expos with 10 Grand Prize Give-aways

(All Levels) Come celebrate with us as we give away our grand prizes and share some of our fun times over the past 10 years.