Holly T.   Hansen

President and Founder of Family History Expos, Inc.: A lifelong resident of Croydon, Utah, Holly is a family history educator with more than 20 years experience. Although she sponsors elaborate events, she also enjoys helping people one-on-one as they learn how to make technology work for them. Author, lecturer, editor, and publisher, Holly devotes time every day to education.


February 16, 2015
8:00 am : Welcome and Introduction of Professionals

(All Levels) Meet our professionals and learn how to get the most for your time with us.

8:00 am : FamilySearch Catalog Computer Lab

(Experienced) Online exercises designed to build skills for becoming power users of the FamilySearch Catalog. Learn tips used by experts and tricks that get results! There is more to the catalog than you can imagine. (You are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet device to class. Internet will be provided)

2:00 pm : Reading Old Style Handwriting Practicum and Computer Lab

(Experienced) Enhance your ability to read old style handwriting by writing it!

2:00 pm : Reading Old Style Handwriting: An Essential Research Skill

(All Levels) You will be looking at old English handwritten records. There is no typing, no transcription and it's just your eyes and hard to read words on a page. This class compares writing styles from different time periods and discusses common phrases in old documents.

February 17, 2015
8:00 am : Research FUNdamentals: Principles for Successful Genealogical Research

(All Levels) Learn the principles of research that assist in correctly identifying and documenting your family history. Make sure you are not climbing the wrong tree! Beginners and Experienced researchers will increase their research skills as they implement and follow the principles of fundamental research.