James Lee   Rader

A civil engineer, computer programmer, and adult education instructor. He published his first Family History book in 1992. He has been lecturing about Genealogy since 1991. His genealogy pursuits include; coordination of the Rader surname study at FTDNA, He is researching all Rader families in the world.


June 28, 2013
3:50 pm : Old Genealogy Books Online (google books et al)

(All Levels) Get many books you need in your research for free! Learn the tools you need to know to use to get the most out of these books. Login First

7:20 pm : The New Super DNA Tests

(All Levels) Do you want to know where your ancestors lived before they had Surnames? This presentation will give you understanding of the SNP DNA. These tests provide you information about a more historic time period which is covered by the science of Anthropology. Login First

June 29, 2013
2:50 pm : What Can a Genealogist Use from DNA Test Results

(All Levels) Anthropology or Genealogy? which DNA tests are useful in following your ancestors? And how do you interpret the results you receive! Login First