K. Bradley   Monson, MEd

Master’s Degree in Education and has been a Librarian, Media, ESL, History Teacher, author and photographer for over 30 years. He puts the “history” in family history with tidbits about the US and other world cultures. His research and technology skills assist both teenagers and adults. He resides in Orem, Utah.


August 02, 2013
3:50 pm : Top Ten Fishin' Hole - Reel in the Big One with GOOGLE

(Beginner) A class for Beginners to Intermediate on Google Chrome browsing, genealogy searches, and gmail. Login First

August 03, 2013
10:00 am : The Right Equipment for Fishing - Computer Basics for Beginners

(Beginner) A Beginner Class that introduces computer components, using a mouse, creating and using files/folders, flash drives, the internet, email, and sending documents or photo attachments. Login First

2:50 pm : Moving On Downstream - Early US Migrations

(All Levels) A class for All Levels illustrating migration trails in early US History and the ethnic groups that forged them. Login First