Donald N.   Yates, Ph.D.

Donald N. Yates, Ph.D., is a genealogist, author and DNA investigator. He serves as director of R&D for DNA Spectrum, an autosomal-based ancestry company in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been an active participant in Family History Expos for many years.


June 28, 2013
2:30 pm : Getting Your Arms around Autosomal DNA Testing

(All Levels) You will learn what differentiates the two types of non-haplotyping tests called autosomal or non-sex-linked. The advantages of the Full Spectrum Plus for capturing your personal history are its high standards of ISO-laboratory certification, comprehensive forensic database and impressive physical and electronic realization. It is the first DNA test to give genealogists something they can hold in their hands as well as share in a variety of social media--the myDNA™ ID Card, Framed Deluxe Certificate of Ethnicity and Premium Online Atlas of Personal Ancestry with exciting links to more than 400 populations around the world. Yates shows you how to "get your arms around" the new ancestry test and its uncanny results. Login First