Biff and Nancy   Barnes

Nancy and Biff Barnes are editors who specialize in family history books and memoirs. They help DIY authors with editing, book design, and publishing support. Biff is a published historian. Nancy is the author of Stories To Tell: An Easy Guide to Self Publishing Family History Books & Memoirs.


June 28, 2013
2:30 pm : Books and Ebooks: Getting Your Family History Out There

(All Levels) When you finish writing your family history, what's next? How do you distribute your book to your friends and family, and perhaps to a wider nnaudience? This workshop explains the choices you will face as you publish and distribute your book. We will demystify self publishing, print on demand, and how to create ebooks. Learn nnabout the pros, cons, and costs of:
*Private printers *Vanity and subsidy publishers
*Print on demand outlets such as and
*Ebook conversions
nn*Digital distribution Login First

6:00 pm : Family History Books, Start to Finish in Six Steps

(All Levels) Professional editors and book nndesigners will present an overview of the six step process to create a family history book. Explore innovative ideas to make family history interesting for general readers. Learn the best nnways to select your material, to create the draft, and to edit and improve the content. We will demonstrate examples of well-organized and designed family history books. Learn how to nnselect the right printer or publisher for your project. Login First

June 29, 2013
10:00 am : How to Plan and Organize a Family History Book

(All Levels) Professional book editors demonstrate how to plan a family history book that is based on the research and materials you have gathered. You will consider which elements to include, thescope and length of the book, and the best style for your audience. The seminar will provide comparisons between chronological, biographical and topical methods of organizing the book’s contents. Learn how to organize your research into a table of contents that makes sense to you and to your readers. Login First

1:30 pm : How to Find Free Family History Images on the Web

(All Levels) Every picture tells a story, but what if you don't have the right images to illustrate your family history? What if the images you nndo have are poor quality? This workshop shows you how to assess the images you have, and how to locate more and better images through targeted Internet searches.

nnExplore ways to supplement your family portraits and documents with free historical images drawn from the web. You will learn about copyrights and how to locate and use images that are nnfree to copy and distribute. We will demonstrate how to use:
*Google Image search's advanced filters
*Creative Commons
*Selected photo sharing sites Login First