Arlene H.   Eakle, Ph.D.

President and founder of The Genealogical Institute, Inc., Dr. Eakle is a professional genealogist with more than 30 years experience in research, consulting, lecturing, and writing. An expert in tracing families from New York, Southern U.S., British Isles, Switzerland, and parts of Germany, she claims a 96% success rate.


October 30, 2013
8:00 am : Understanding the Records

(All Levels) Basic Sources: Let’s face the facts. Right up front to begin with. The words, “the courthouse burned,” or “the family Bible was lost coming West,” or “the church house was torn down when the Mall was built,” can strike terror to a budding genealogist’s heart. Don’t worry. Genealogists, and those who support their efforts, have been at work for generations--reconstructing official records from originals in private hands. Collecting substitutes. Login First

October 31, 2013
8:00 am : Looking at the Books: Genealogy Data at your Fingertips

(All Levels) Genealogy sources understood thoroughly enable you to trace your hard-to-find ancestors better than any discussion on how to trace a family tree. And allows you to understand specific historical evidence to prove your family tree. Login First

November 01, 2013
8:00 am : Interpreting Results and Understanding Evidence

(All Levels) Interpreting Search Results and Understanding Genealogy Evidence: Accuracy in your genealogy records is a direct result of the way in which you record and organize your genealogy data: Pre-printed genealogy research forms--whether you enter the data with a pen by hand or whether you type the data on the computer screen--are tools of analysis. You choose the facts to enter on these research forms. This selection process is analysis. And when you record the right data and match the internal links in each record correctly, you can achieve a 96% success rate tracing hard-to-find ancestors. Login First