Arlene H.   Eakle, Ph.D.

President and founder of The Genealogical Institute, Inc., Dr. Eakle is a professional genealogist with more than 30 years experience in research, consulting, lecturing, and writing. An expert in tracing families from New York, Southern U.S., British Isles, Switzerland, and parts of Germany, she claims a 96% success rate.


June 27, 2014
1:00 pm : Family History: it's a love story!

(All Levels) Arlene and Holly will entertain you with details on the love story of family history and how research begins with the marriage contract. 16 documents associated with a single marriage contract generated at the time the marriage takes place. Have you been using them to your best advantage?

6:00 pm : Migrations of Church Groups to the Mid-West: Routes and Sources

(Experienced) These migrations are the key to your ancestral origins in other parts of the United States, as well as Scotland, Wales, German Provinces, France, and Switzerland. Church records often supply much more evidence than the usual births/baptisms, marriages, and deaths/burials--you may have just overlooked these sources and their evidence. Login First

7:20 pm : Immigration Sources: Passenger Lists--Everything You Wanted or Needed to Know

(All Levels) Immigration Sources: Passenger Lists--Everything You Always Wanted to Know. (and then some...) But, first--You need specific evidence to recognize your ancestors in these lists. This presentation will study the evidence you need. A special Appendix Checklist of Passenger Lists (five pages with locations and call numbers) will be provided. Login First

June 28, 2014
10:00 am : Pennsylvania Migration Patterns

(Experienced) Migration patterns are the 5th dimension of genealogical research. These patterns provide essential evidence for identity, especially where 2 or more people or families carry the same surnames. When you know how and where your family entered a place, you also know the places to look for origins. And you collect this evidence as your research goes along. Login First