Arlene H.   Eakle, Ph.D.

President and founder of The Genealogical Institute, Inc., Dr. Eakle is a professional genealogist with more than 30 years experience in research, consulting, lecturing, and writing. An expert in tracing families from New York, Southern U.S., British Isles, Switzerland, and parts of Germany, she claims a 96% success rate.


September 12, 2014
1:00 pm : Family History: it's a love story!

(All Levels) Arlene and Holly will entertain you with details on the love story of family history and how research begins with the marriage contract. 16 documents associated with a single marriage contract generated at the time the marriage takes place. Have you been using them to your best advantage?

6:00 pm : New England Research: New Research Strategies That Work

(All Levels) This presentation will focus on two specific strategies: 1) Before you begin searching the records for your New England Ancestors, spend some time learning the jurisdictional breakdown of the state where your ancestors say they originated. Each state is different. And these differences affect what records are available and where to find them. 2) Naming patterns--The 21st century explosion in DNA projects, tied each time to surname by direct descent, brings a new and perhaps unknown dimension into your research. How this new dimension will affect evidence in naming patterns remains to be seen–it's just too early to tell. Still a cautionary note is needed–back up all DNA evidence with actual documents each and every time--evidence from one can strengthen the evidence from the other. We will focus on the computer databases and special sources which list names with origins. Your ancestors may have already been located in a specific place or body of source material—just waiting for you to discover. Login First

September 13, 2014
11:20 am : Using Immigration/Emigration Records to Trace Hard-to-Find Places of Foreign Birth

(Experienced) You must know the specific place of origin to search in foreign countries. Begin with what you know and add to those facts as much as you can from American records first. For example-- Church affiliation is a primary reason for emigration, for loyalties in military and political conflicts, for choice of neighborhoods to settle in, for cemeteries to be buried in, and to explain the wording of wills and other property documents. Church affiliation in the U.S. can also identify the right church, in Europe, to search–and by law, the right province or kingdom. Login First

1:30 pm : Your Scots-Irish Ancestors

(All Levels) The Scots-Irish peopled Scotland, colonized Ireland, and settled the American Frontier.
• The British Crown created the “Plantation System” originally to plant Protestants, who were loyal to the Crown, into heavily Catholic provinces, where the people were fiercely disloyal to the Crown because of their religion.
•Next, this Plantation System was established in America to accommodate transplanted British nationals to the New World Colonies—both those desirable and those undesirable as British citizens. Login First