Arlene H.   Eakle, Ph.D.

President and founder of The Genealogical Institute, Inc., Dr. Eakle is a professional genealogist with more than 30 years experience in research, consulting, lecturing, and writing. An expert in tracing families from New York, Southern U.S., British Isles, Switzerland, and parts of Germany, she claims a 96% success rate.


January 17, 2014
6:00 pm : Never Give Up: There is a Story to Discover and One to Tell

(All Levels) Arlene will share some of her most interesting research experiences while researching in local county records, libraries, and cornfields!

January 18, 2014
10:30 am : Research FUNdamentals: Strategies for Successful Genealogical Research

(All Levels) Learn specific research strategies that speed up your search time and focus your attention directly on the evidence you need to identify and document correctly the individuals in your family history. Make sure you have the correct family members identified for each family group: if you check and re-check the records already searched to see if they have been copied correctly, all you do is prove that you can read. This exercise does not prove your pedigree is accurate. Proof is built line upon line, document upon document. Some attendees at other retreats have said their research and their family trees were changed forever learning how to search and research differently.

1:30 pm : Research FUNdamentals: Basic Sources to Find Your Ancestors

(All Levels) This class will discuss several record types and their application to identifying the correct individuals in each family group. Did you know that at the time a couple is married more than sixteen different original documents may be created? Do you realize that a simple probate case can have more than 100 associated documents? Understanding the laws and reasons for creating different record types will give you additional resources to search in your quest for truth. Come learn about some of the basic record types and the other basic sources needed to begin your research.