James L.   Tanner

Is a retired attorney and business owner with over 33 years of experience in genealogical research. James was an intelligence officer during the Vietnam War, has a BA Degree in Spanish, a Masters Degree in Linguistics from the University of Utah, and a JD Degree in Law from Arizona State University.


April 29, 2016
9:00 am : Preparing to Search a Graveyard

(Beginner) There can be some major challenges in the process of searching graveyards. Especially those that have become lost, overgrown or are on private land. Before you travel to a graveyard site, you need to make sure your trip will be productive, safe and thorough. This class will give you some good tips for preparation of the search.

1:30 pm : Strategies for Searching Cemeteries Online

(Experienced) There are many online resources to assist you in finding your ancestor’s graves. Perhaps you have never heard of some of these valuable websites such as the Graveyard Rabbits. This class will focus on online tools that can help you locate and search cemeteries.

1:30 pm : Using "Find A Grave" for Family History Research

(Experienced) FindAGrave.com is the largest online resource for information about graves and cemeteries. But using the program is not just a matter of making a name search. Come to this class and learn the pros and cons of this amazing resource.

April 30, 2016
9:00 am : Successfully Using BillionGraves.com

(Experienced) There is more than meets the casual look at using BillionGraves. This program has developed into a major tool for identifying unmarked graves and those where the markers fail to identify the deceased. This program is also helpful in assisting you once you are on site searching for the graves of your ancestors. Learn how to more fully use this beneficial resource.

9:00 am : Strategies for Locating Hard-to-Find Burial Grounds

(Experienced) Get an inside view of how experts locate hard-to-find burials. This class will focus on the online map and GPS resources available to locate abandoned or hidden graveyards around the world.

1:30 pm : Cemetery Registration Indexes

(Experienced) When you are looking for graves and cemeteries, there is often no need to do your own searching. Many local and state surveys exist for parts of the world you may be interested in. Come to this class and learn of the many wonderful resources available to us today both online and in books and card indexes.

1:30 pm : Strategies for Locating the Unburied

(Experienced) Often there is not a burial plot. Perhaps your ancestor was lost at sea or died while crossing the Plains. How are deaths recorded when the body is not present? Come to this class and learn about the laws and procedures when no body is recovered and death is presumed.