James L.   Tanner

Is a retired attorney and business owner with over 33 years of experience in genealogical research. James was an intelligence officer during the Vietnam War, has a BA Degree in Spanish, a Masters Degree in Linguistics from the University of Utah, and a JD Degree in Law from Arizona State University.


October 27, 2014
8:00 am : Exploring the Resources of FamilySearch.org and its Family Tree program

(All Levels) FamilySearch.org is the largest and most popular free online genealogy resource on the Internet. This class explores the vast number of original source records on this website as well as the Research Wiki and other tools for helping with genealogical research. FamilySearch.org’s newest program, Family Tree, gives you a free place to share your genealogical data and semi-automates the research process. Login First

October 29, 2014
8:00 am : Setting Goals to Focus Your Research

(All Levels) This class will help you prioritize your time and efforts at the Family History Library and help you set realistic research goals. Almost always, the time you have to spend in libraries and other repositories is limited. It is important to be adequately prepared before you arrive so that your time is spent effectively. Proper preparation includes carefully examining the status of your current research to see what types of information would be likely to be found in the library or repository. In the case of the Family History library, this preparation should include a careful study of the Family History Library Online Catalog. Once you have a list of possible research objectives, you can then decide on an appropriate order for research. Login First

October 31, 2014
8:00 am : The FamilySearch Research Wiki: The most valuable genealogical resource on the Internet

(All Levels) This class will focus on the structure and content of the FamilySearch Research Wiki and why it has become the most valuable genealogical resource on the Internet. The class will include an introduction to the concept of wikis as collaborative Internet-based programs, demonstrating how the Research Wiki works to provide a user contributed collaborative environment for providing huge amounts of genealogical information. The class will also explain how the Research Wiki operates, with an introduction to Wikitext and namespaces, including how the Research Wiki integrated into the FamilySearch Historical Record Collections to become a meta-catalog. Login First