Ruby   Coleman

Is a professional genealogical researcher, instructor, lecturer and free-lance writer. Coleman has been doing professional genealogical research for over 40 years. She has lectured at national, state, and local conferences. She is currently president of the North Platte Genealogical Society in North Platte, Nebraska.


August 02, 2013
3:50 pm : Genealogy On A Shoe String Budget

(Beginner) In a world of growing genealogical collections and databases, genealogical research does not have to be expensive. Learn how to network with family members, to share ideas and research abilities. The presentation will explore using social media, free genealogy web pages and aids to locate more about your ancestors. Login First

7:20 pm : Faith of Our Ancestors; Using Church Records

(Experienced) Research is not complete without investigating church records. Many times they will provide you with information not found in court or person records. The complexity of these records makes them more difficult to locate and use, but should not stop you from investigating religious records. Learn the types of records, religious repositories and organizations, locating the records and applying them to your family tree. Login First

August 03, 2013
1:30 pm : Landing the Big One … Patents, Deeds and Grants

(Experienced) Often ignored, the land records provide essential information in tracking your ancestor. Learn about the types of land records, their values, how to effectively research and utilize them and where to locate them. Before 1860 over 90% of the adult males in America owned land. Your ancestor probably was in the percentile. Login First

2:50 pm : Researching Right and Taking Notes

(All Levels) In order to utilize your research time and become more productive, learn tips and tricks for doing research the right way. Keeping track of your information, particularly taking notes, is important. Throw away those odds and ends of research note scraps and learn about computer note taking. Login First