Ruby   Coleman

Is a professional genealogical researcher, instructor, lecturer and free-lance writer. Coleman has been doing professional genealogical research for over 40 years. She has lectured at national, state, and local conferences. She is currently president of the North Platte Genealogical Society in North Platte, Nebraska.


September 06, 2013
3:50 pm : Czechs to Nebraska

(All Levels) The Czechs (Bohemian) left a colorful legacy in Nebraska. Learn where they came from, records that pertain to them, colonization of Nebraska by Czechs and their importance. No kolaches will be served, but you will learn about these interesting people who are still celebrated in song, dance, literature, food and on the family tree. Their impact has been felt far beyond the boundaries of Nebraska. Login First

6:00 pm : Using Maps in Your Research

(All Levels) Put aside the GPS and start using maps to enhance your genealogical research. Learn how to pinpoint ancestral locations on maps, apply your knowledge to research and take a tour of where your ancestors lived. There is an explosion of maps, new and old, on Internet. The presentation will focus on acquainting you with the elements of maps, types of maps and how to locate them. Login First

7:20 pm : The Census Between: Territorial & State Censuses

(All Levels) here is more to be found about your ancestor than on the decennial census. Many of the states and territories did enumerations between or on the decennial years. Learn the importance of these records, where to locate them and apply the information to your research. The census is a measurement of your ancestor's life. Login First

September 07, 2013
11:20 am : Landing the Big One … Patents, Deeds and Grants

(Experienced) Often ignored, the land records provide essential information in tracking your ancestor. Learn about the types of land records, their values, how to effectively research and utilize them and where to locate them. Before 1860 over 90% of the adult males in America owned land. Your ancestor probably was in the percentile. Login First

1:30 pm : Researching Right and Taking Notes

(All Levels) In order to utilize your research time and become more productive, learn tips and tricks for doing research the right way. Keeping track of your information, particularly taking notes, is important. Throw away those odds and ends of research note scraps and learn about computer note taking. Login First

2:50 pm : Military Records Online

(All Levels) Military records are being digitized and quickly appearing on Internet. Even so, you may find the need to secure records from a repository, which can be done more easily on Internet. First you need to know the types of military records, changes in laws and how those records were created. nLearn the importance of these records to your genealogical research. n Login First