Gayle   Gresham

A freelance writer, speaker and singer/songwriter specializing in her Colorado family’s history. She enjoys researching and telling her family’s stories through both word and song. Gayle’s articles have appeared in Colorado Country Life and other magazines. Visit her blog for more information.


August 02, 2013
7:20 pm : Fishing for Details? 10 Tips For Using Local History Books in your Genealogy

(Experienced) Discover details and connections that make family history come alive through the use of local history books. Telling the story of her great-great-grandfather and the Cash Creek Miners, men who mined together in central Colorado and later farmed in the same vicinity before becoming embroiled in the bitter Lake County War, Gayle Gresham teaches how to learn more about your ancestors while looking beyond to the broader story of a community. This class will include where to find local history books, what to search for, and how to see connections to people and events. Login First