Joleen   Aitchison

A Pacific Northwest native, Joleen is a daughter, mother and grandmother and has always been interested in her family history. An active genealogist with over 30 years experience, personally and professionally, Joleen enjoys sharing her experience in the classroom. She especially loves searching for, and finding, the next missing piece.


February 22, 2013
2:30 pm : Let's Go Fish!

(Beginner) Beginning genealogists will be introduced to the basics of genealogical and family history research. The forms commonly used will be presented, as well as other basic tools needed to begin gathering and recording family history data. This information is also helpful to those who may be teaching, or assisting others with, family history research. Login First

3:50 pm : Cast Your Line Here First

(Beginner) There are so many places to go on the internet! How does a researcher decide where to look? We will visit a variety of top-rated sites of value to genealogists. With real research questions in real time, we’ll follow the steps through each site in our attempt to discover the answers. If needed, we will also go through the process of logging on to the internet and locating the desired web sites. Login First

February 23, 2013
11:20 am : Exploring the Waters of Online Books

(All Levels) This class will focus on using various websites where transcribed and digitized books are kept. We will discuss the genealogical research value of books, as well as search techniques, and printing and saving abilities. Login First

1:30 pm : Favorite Fishing Holes

(Experienced) Class members will begin to discover the fun and possibilities of exploring local resources, particularly in small towns. The instructor’s experiences will be used as examples from which to discuss the usefulness of, and preparation for, such excursions. Impromptu can be fun! Login First