David J.   Farr, CLU CHFC

President of a family organization. He is the author of four family history books including one with Susan Easton Black. He has written articles on family history & has given many lectures including ones at BYU Education Week and BYU Family History Conferences.


February 22, 2013
6:00 pm : How to Operate a Successful Family Organization

(All Levels) We will teach how to collaborate on doing research, family histories, reunions and avoiding Duplication along with examples of what one family has accomplished by being organized. There will be LDS doctrine and experiences illustrating the importance of families being organized. Our objective is to teach how these principles apply to class members and to demonstrate steps they can take to put these steps into practice. In preparation for this series of four lectures we suggest that you go to our two websites - winslowfarr.org & jackson-flint.org We will have a booth featuring our organization & lead researcher Tim Farr who is highly skilled in DNA, research and Da Vinci type efforts to extend our lines. Login First

7:20 pm : An In-depth Look at What Family Organizations Can Accomplish

(All Levels) In this class we will look in depth at fund raising, up line and down line research, temple work, websites, DNA testing, tax exempt status, nnmonument restorations, reunions, family structure and how to be successful. We will discuss how we benefit our research efforts through training on the internet. We will have some nnexperiences and motivational doctrine from the LDS church. Login First

February 23, 2013
1:30 pm : How to Research and Publish Your Family Histories

(All Levels) We will cover the processes of research, interviews, writing, sourcing, editing, getting your History’s published and how this can apply to class members. We will give personal stories Of the author’s on our family history books and how they were successful. We will discuss how we have discovered new family members and their contributions to our family histories. We will have some LDS church doctrine explained.

2:50 pm : Exploring Other Family Organizations

(All Levels) We will discuss other family organizations and how they have achieved success. These groups vary from two members to larger organizations such as the Joseph Smith Foundation. This class will illustrate that every family can be more effective reach their stated goals. The importance of LDS temple work will be discussed as part of this class.