Ruth Ellen   Maness, AG

35+ years experience in Germanic & Scandinavian records, Former Senior Research Consultant at the Family History Library. Co-compiler, Passport to Paradise: The Copenhagen "Mormon" Passenger Lists, Legacy of Sacrifice; lecturer for NGS, FGS, BYU, UGA, ICAPGen conferences; Former instructor at the Salt Lake Institute; Germany, Poland, England, South Africa, and Eastern/Southern/Mid-Western U.S. research trips; contributor to Everton's Genealogical Helper.


November 30, 2015
8:00 am : Tools for Effective Family Tree Analysis

(All Levels) Success in identifying and then reaching your genealogical goals comes when proven paths are followed. Learn the 3 magic words & 5 steps which will help you succeed.

8:00 am : Please Papa May I Go?: Putting Your Ancestor(s) Back In The Old Country

(All Levels) At some point in time your ancestor(s) came from “over there” to “over here.” Follow Hilda Matilda around and discover the myriad of records created which could help you identifynexactly where in the old country your immigrant comes from. Since all European vital records are locally based, that piece of information is necessary before you can even begin to correctly build your family treenon that side of the ocean.

December 02, 2015
8:00 am : Reading Old Handwriting: An Essential Research Skill

(All Levels) Part A will cover Germanic Gothic Script. Part B will take a look at old English handwritten records. There is no typing, no transcription and it's just your eyes and hard to read words on a page. This class compares writing styles from different time periods and discusses common phrases in old documents.