Ruth Ellen   Maness, AG

35+ years experience in Germanic & Scandinavian records, Former Senior Research Consultant at the Family History Library. Co-compiler, Passport to Paradise: The Copenhagen "Mormon" Passenger Lists, Legacy of Sacrifice; lecturer for NGS, FGS, BYU, UGA, ICAPGen conferences; Former instructor at the Salt Lake Institute; Germany, Poland, England, South Africa, and Eastern/Southern/Mid-Western U.S. research trips; contributor to Everton's Genealogical Helper.


April 15, 2016
6:30 pm : Tools for Effective Family Tree Analysis

(All Levels) Success in identifying and then reaching your genealogical goals comes when proven paths are followed. Learn the 3 magic words & 5 steps which will help you succeed.

6:30 pm : German Church Records, Civil Registration, and "County Level" Vital Records

(All Levels) Learn the details of and how to interpret church, civil registration and other county level vital records written in German.

6:30 pm : It's Not All On-line! Printed Sources for Scandinavian Research

(All Levels) You will gain an understanding of printed sources available to assist with your Scandinavian research.

April 16, 2016
8:30 am : Germanic and Scandinavian Naming Patterns

(All Levels) Learning to recognize Germanic and Scandinavian naming patterns, including regional differences and the use of patronymics is crucial to your research success.

8:30 am : The Importance of Feast Days in Germanic and Scandinavian Research

(All Levels) Learn how Feast Days affected the way dates were recorded, and how to turn them into their proper genealogical form.

8:30 am : The Chicken Walked Here: Learning to Read Germanic & Scandinavian Gothic Script and Deciphering Record Patterns

(All Levels) “Copy machines” in the 15, 16, 17, 18 and perhaps even the early1900s consisted of a human armed with a feathered quill pen and homemade ink. Want to learn how to read what they wrote? Come to class and we’ll give you the principles and procedures for learning to read the writing style they used, PLUS practicum (practice) in deciphering Germanic and Scandinavian record keeping patterns.

1:30 pm : Avoiding Mistakes in German and Scandinavian Research

(All Levels) “Which one is my Mary Mauer?” “Do I still need to search the church records even though I have a printed town genealogy?” “My ancestor had five sons named Johann…” Learn how to avoid common mistakes by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of sources used in genealogical research.

1:30 pm : German and Scandinavian Websites: Some Free, Some Not

(All Levels) Overview of key websites for researching German and Scandinavian families.