Sharon D.   Monson

Founder of GenSearch and more, an author, and conference presenter. She has extensive research experience in courthouses, archives, and the Family History Library spanning 30+ years. Her class presentations cover a wide range of research methods, useful tips, and unusual resources.


April 08, 2013
5:30 pm : The FamilySearch Catalog: Key to the Collections

(All Levels) Locating available books, microfilms, or microfiche for a certain place or subject depends on the depthnof the catalog search criteria. Basic Place, Last Name, Title, Author, Subject and Keyword searches willnbe demonstrated. Instantly view original records in a Historical Records search. Thousands of books arennow online and many have updated indexes. Filter your searches to save time and effort with tips onnhow to use the FamilySearch catalog. Login First

April 09, 2013
5:30 pm : Using Microfilms and Microfiche in the Family History Library

(Beginner) A substantial part of the Family History Library collections are on microfilm. Locating film numbers innthe cabinets, placing the roll on the film reader, and searching for a specific record on a roll of film willnbe demonstrated. Learn about the library’s guidelines for film use, and how to make copies of microfilmnpages. Many books and publications are on microfiche. The small piece of film is easily accessed, readnand copied, once you get used to the reader. Overcome the Up & Down challenge with tips in this class. Login First