Tom   Underhill

Publisher, senior designer and author of nine books at Creative Continuum, a book design and publishing company specializing in high-quality, short-run books, Tom and his company have recently produced more than 400 family history heirloom books, printed more than 10.5 million pages and scanned more than 13,000 photographs.


February 22, 2013
6:00 pm : Passwords for Humans: 5 Easy Steps for Greater Password Security

(All Levels) The geeks have spent 20 years convincing us to use passwords that are hard for a human to remember and easy for a modern computer to crack. This is a class for real people that teaches real (simple) ways to improve password security. What we cover can impact everything you do online! Login First

February 23, 2013
11:20 am : 10 Techniques to Improve Your Cell Phone Photography

(All Levels) Ask any photographer and their advice will be “Shoot with what you have”. For most of us, it’s probably your cell phone. In the right hands, a recent smart nnphone camera takes just as nice of pictures as many digital point-and-shoot models, with the bonus feature of upgrading every couple of years. Learn what to look for in a new camera nnphone, software and accessories to improve your shooting and techniques to improve photographic composition, lighting and practical research techniques you can use from the nngenealogical library to the graveyard. Shoot with what you have, and get the result you want! Login First